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700 PS Club Tour

(2 days and 1 night)

The tour begins and ends in Zurich.

22. - 23. August 2020

Power, power and even more power. The threshold of 700 hp only manages a handful of supercars and you only find them on the top shelf. The highly bred exotics wait for their tamers from Zurich. Over coffee and croissants we are allowed to present you these real dream cars and the two upcoming days, which are indeed extraordinary, will be explained in detail. Let's go hüaho and the first kilometers will already put a big grin on the faces of the participants. Each vehicle follows an individual concept to convert the surplus power into traction and there are plenty of kilometres available to experience this in detail. The first day ends with a stay at the V8 Hotel in Böblingen and a gourmet dinner at an Italian restaurant. Cognac and cigars then form the final finish. After a good portion of sleep and a strong breakfast, the cars are already standing in front of the hotel and it goes straight to the motorway for a few fast kilometres until it is time for an exquisite lunch. After a bit of cultivated motor talk, the last stage back to Zurich. The aperitif that is still taking place will not be sufficient to fully process what has been experienced, but it will form the basis for it. In two words wow and again wow.

You'll drive:
Lamborghini Aventador S
Ferrari 812 Superfast
McLaren 720S
Bentley Continental GT Supersports
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
services included
✔ every participant experiences 5 different powerful supercars as a driver and front seat passenger
✔ 500 distance kilometres 
✔ fuel (petrol)
✔ single room in hotel including breakfast
✔ 2 x lunch and 1 x gourmet dinner as well as on the road snacks
✔ assurance (with CHF 0.00 participation)
✔ parking and toll fees
✔ professional instruction and 5 stars service before and during the ride
✔ pace and safety car
✔ walki talki in every supercar


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