Driving Experience

Drive 6 Supercars in one day!

Autobahn-Speed Ride

Experience 400 intensive kilometres in 6 different supercars on the German Autobahn.

The ride begins and ends in Zurich (approx. 10 - 20 o´clock)

Sunday, 13. September 2020

In Germany, the country of unlimited speeds, all gears of the supercars will be used. Here the acceleration does not end with the second gear at 120 km/h The accelerator pedal stays pressed and all the gears are beeing used to feel the power of the cars even more intensely. After the obligatory coffee and croissants to the briefing and a professional instruction in the various super sports cars, we take a run-up from Zurich and drive straight onto the A81. Dynamically and safely, the supercars are used for what they were designed for. During this high speed tour we strongley concentrate our focus on safety, so that speeds over 200km/h, which are part of the cruising speed on the German Autobahn, can be experienced with the necessary respect and with common sense. In Tübingen we stop for a delicious lunch and the pulse rate gradually returns to its normal level. Afterwards we pick up speed again and cover further fast distance kilometres until we reach the German-Swiss border and set the cruise control to 120 km/h and let the journey to Zurich end „comfortably". At the final aperitif the participants can review their experiences and, should it happen that there is a general speed limit on German motorways a tone day, they will remember the time when the speed limit was still dependent on the engine's performance. In three words: fast, faster, fastest

You'll drive:
Lamborghini Aventador S
Ferrari 812 Superfast
McLaren 720S
Audi R8 V10 plus
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R Pro
Aston Martin DB11 V12
services included
✔ every participant experiences 6 different supercars as a driver and front seat passenger
✔ 400 distance kilometres
✔ fuel (petrol)
✔ meet & greet breakfast, gourmet lunch, good bye Apero as well as on the road snacks
✔ assurance (participation CHF 0.00)
✔ parking
✔ professional instruction and 5 stars service before and during the ride
✔ pace and cafety car
✔ walki talki in every supercar


streckenabschnitte autobahn speed ride